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NEWS - Oct. 24, 2007-
Packaged up the most recent version of OpScorch that works with v41. Its mostly just an update of v0.1 but it has a few new weapons and uses some of v41s new features. If you're looking for a good example of some team-based objective style gameplay in Scorched 3D, check it out.

NEWS -08/14/07-
New tankpack release!
Special thanks to IrishBandit and Panther for all the work on this.

Download it here.
Discuss it here.
- cbx

NEWS -12/29/06-
Almost all mods have been updated to work with scorched version 40.1.
New mods, Sniper and Scavenger Hunt.
Best of scorched3d mod has been deleted and will no longer by created or updated anymore. -Jdog

NEWS -10/20/06-
Just some minor updates to the site as we wait for the release of Scorched3d v40.1 I fixed some links I broke the last time I updated. I'm suprsied no one noticed this before. Jdog mod, or what ever I'm going to call it, is still ibe worked on I'm waiting till there are no more changes to the code base to finalize what will be in the next version. -Jdog

NEWS -7/23/06-
Added Scavenger Mod to the cvs repository - cbx550f

NEWS -4/16/06-
I've made some minor changes. I've added some more info to the
Best of Scorched3d. I've also updated the todo list for Jdog mod,
and as you can see, its more detailed now and with all the changes
I've made and still are going to make it was fitting that instead
of being only version 1.5 that it moves to version 2.0. - Jdog

NEWS -3/26/06-
Added the Roofmod to the website and the cvs repository - cbx550f

NEWS -3/18/06-
As anyone can see, the site is being updated.
It is just happing slowly, as I think of what to write. - Jdog

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